Top Trending Craft Projects to Try For Those Who Enjoy DIY

The history of arts and crafts projects dates back to the Victorian era of jolly old England and continues to thrive as a favorite hobby in the U.S.

There are literally thousands of crafty places to purchase transformative art supplies here in America from leaders in the industry like Michael’s and Hobby Lobby to mostly fabric-backed venues such as Joann’s stores. If you’re a DIY fan looking for new projects to try, check out some of these top trending new favorites.

Dirty Pouring

While it may sound like a filthy mess, dirty pouring is a term used to describe a technique of combining more than one color of paint into a container before applying the mixture to a canvas or another chosen item. How many hues an artist uses in their blend, whether they’re complementary, contrasting or clash is entirely up to the painter. Commonly poured onto a surface, the resulting blends are often unexpected and change when the medium is moved, rotated, brushed or otherwise changed with these added motions.


Another term with a weird title, pyrography is more commonly known as wood-burning or etching. Its description and definition by Merriam Webster also includes leather as a possible canvas and is noted as, “The art or process of producing designs or pictures by burning or scorching with hot instruments.” Artists are able to use stencils or go freehand given tools with a heated tip to etch their designs onto any number of different items from jewelry boxes to cutting boards, purses, wallets, belts and more.


The ancient Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi embraces and honors the beauty found in everyday imperfections. As an art form, it may include the Kintsukuroi (or “golden mend”) technique that uses silver or gold to repair and rejoin broken pottery. Instead of hiding the flaw, the break is highlighted and becomes the focus of the piece rather attempting to find ways to overlook the imperfect parts.

In an age when we’re welcoming differences and embracing everything unique, recycling is also important for the health of our planet so Wabi-Sabi is an excellent choice. Repurposing otherwise unusable materials by transforming them into a treasured piece of art instead of throwing it in the trash will ultimately lighten the load in our landfills. Try one of these projects and find out if the end result will turn into a favorite hobby you’ll enjoy today and in the future.