Music in the Park Concerts

All across America, there are communities that want to bring people together to share the power of music at absolutely no cost! 

Music for all

Music is a powerful tool that unites and transforms people into the best version of themselves. This has long been understood by so many, and for that reason communities seek to provide musical experiences for people.

While there are a number of local festivals that happen away from parks, the notion of “music in the park” is a running theme for many local communities as a way to provide different experiences for residents.

They see their local city, state and even national parks as the perfect venue to bring people together to enjoy the gift of music. 

Variety of Music

One of the best parts of free concerts in the park is the variety you will get in musical performances and styles. These concerts are the best way to discover new talent and experience something unique and different.

You see, getting away from earbuds and the radio and expanding your mind to some different music is always a good thing.

An example is in New York City, where the park system has a number of free summer concerts for all to enjoy. Jazz, world music, R&B, and even Broadway show tunes are just a small sample of what New York City offers its residents and tourists at no charge! 

All Over the Country

But you don’t have to be in New York City to get these kinds of opportunities. St. Louis, Missouri offers a free concert calendar highlighting the free musical performances in the area.

In the Columbus, Ohio area, the community of Whitehall has its own Music in the Park program as well, offering a variety of musical performances at no cost. Programs like this are always well-received by the communities they serve.

People bring their lawn chairs and blankets and get some quality entertainment and enjoy some fellowship with friends. 

History of Music in the Parks

The history of outdoor concerts is a very British one. Every community had a bandstand located in the center of their park. The local concert band would present a concert where local residents would come out and listen.

This tradition made its way into many towns and communities in the United States as well. The tradition lives on through the music in the park programs all over the country. 

Perhaps the most famous “music in the park” in the United States is Woodstock. Located on a 600-acre dairy farm, the event brought out close to half a million people in what was billed as “3 Days of Peace and Music.” 

Security Concerns

Because of the nature of a free concert, crowds and security can be something of a problem. Public gatherings of any kind in today’s world create a certain level of fear for security. Law enforcement agencies are relied upon to keep the area safe and secure.

Many of the concerts don’t allow alcohol in an effort to keep crowds under control. Largely, these events are fun for the whole family that let kids run and play, dance and visit. Keeping the crowd under control is rarely a problem, but law enforcement and emergency services are ways that communities have evolved to make sure that everyone feels safe. 

With parks all over the country offering free music concerts, there isn’t one far away from you. For many, they signal the beginning of summer for a community. People create memories and develop a love of new artists and a new appreciation for different types of music when attending a concert in the park.

Finding opportunities around the area for free music concerts will only open doors to wonderful new musical experiences.