How to Make Great Impressions and Cordially Meet Your Neighbors

It’s customary that when you move into a new home or area that you will meet your neighbors in the surrounding homes!

It’s also customary in many parts of the world that if you have someone move in nearby that you would greet them and extend your welcomes to the neighborhood! Meeting neighbors doesn’t mean that you have to become their best friends, but if you are living close to them, at least knowing who your neighbors are can make you feel more comfortable in your new home or help them feel more comfortable in their new home!

How Do I Make Meeting New People Less Awkward?

OK, we get it! Sometimes you have to meet your new neighbors and think, “Man, I’ve never met these people, and this is going to be awkward!”

Well, sure, we understand that it can be awkward. However, there are ways that you can make the meeting much less awkward and more personable and friendly than you might imagine!

Introducing Yourself to Your New Neighbors

If you have new neighbors, move in on your street or block or into the apartment complex or area of homes where you move, introducing yourself is a polite and modest way to meet. Maybe you choose to take a small “welcoming” gift. It can be hard to decide what to take to a new neighbor.

You figure that almost EVERYONE takes them food, goodies, desserts, or a meal!

You’re not sure if they drink alcohol (or might be offended to receive it as a gift).

What do you buy them?

Consider something a little “different” such as a $10 gift card to the local grocery store, gas station, movie theater, or to a restaurant in the area. Everyone needs food, gas, or other items like that, especially when they move. The gesture will be appreciated and is fairly appropriate for anyone who might move into the area.

However, don’t feel that you have to take a gift. Just your friendly smile and a “welcome” is just as good! Asking a few not-so-personal questions like how they like the area or if they have kids (and sharing that you do or don’t) can help break the ice without intruding.

If You Move Into a New Neighborhood

Be prepared for people to come by and greet you when you move into your new home! These visits don’t have to be very long but allow people to welcome you to their community as you are part of it now. Thank them for the time they spend coming to say hello. If they decide to bring any small welcoming gift, graciously thank them and express your appreciation for their thoughtfulness (even if it’s not necessarily something you would buy for yourself)!

Get Out & Meet Your Neighbors

Whether you’re moving or having others move in near you, inviting them to over for dessert, dinner, or even a cocktail is a great way to help them get to meet people in the area! If you are inviting them, consider inviting other neighbors you know well to join you! They can meet everyone in the area and get to know their new neighbors better.

If you are moving and neighbors invite you over, accept it as a way to get to know them!


Neighbors have to live in fair proximity to each other! Getting to know people is always nice! It helps you know the people in your area, so you feel safe! It also helps you see where you can turn if you need someone or need help in an emergency!